Questions ?

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answers you need here, feel free to contact us

How do we calculate our charges ?

Our charges for the delivery of groceries are based on a percentage of the value of the shopping we are delivering. They are calculated at the single rate of 30%, of the total cost of shopping shown on the delivery sheet.

For example, if you spend £100 on your shopping and we charge you 30% of the total cost of your shopping, you would pay £30 in total for your delivery.
Minimum charge

Please do note that a minimum charge applies on all grocery deliveries. This is equivalent to the charge on £100 worth of shopping. So, for most customers, our minimum charge is £30

Do remember that most supermarkets offer promotional savings that can easily offset our delivery charge, so look for their deals online now!


Is there a maximum amount of grocery I can order ?


Our vans are divided up into the maximum number of 'slots' they can carry and each slot has a maximum grocery order value of £200. You can order as much grocery shopping as you like (from multiple suppliers, if you wish) but you must remember that the limit per slot is £200, so do make sure you book enough space

Do you offer Home delivery ?

Yes we do. Costs for this are variable, depending on how far you live from our drop-off point, so please contact us to discuss.
At the moment you don’t deliver near me, can I still order goods?We're moving into new areas all the time, so contact us to check. If it is a full/part load we cover departments 35,50,53,14,61 of France 

When do I pay for my delivery ?

You pay the retailer for the goods and you pay our driver our fee at the point of delivery. We accept Euros and Sterling cash or French cheques. and UK cheques are accepted. 

What mark-up do you apply to my goods ?

As a delivery service we do not make a profit on your shopping – you simply pay your retailer his price. Our percentage is for the delivery element only. That is why on larger items we charge by unit and not as a percentage. 

Why don’t you publish your depot details on the website ?

We need you to contact first! We have had goods and shopping delivered to the depot unannounced, which means they are rejected - leading to unhappy customers and also suppliers. You'll get full details as part of your registration package


You need to register with us before you can book a delivery.
Go to our Register page to sign up.
Once registered, you book a delivery by emailing [email protected]